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Subsidies om ervaringen in begeleiden van studenten/scholieren uit te wisselen

Academia is a network that offers training opportunities for guidance practitioners in European countries. Academia offers the participants a chance to get to know the guidance system and guidance practices in another European country. Every year about 250 guidance practitioners  take part in Academia exchanges. The exchanges are usually conducted as a member of a group of approx. 10 guidance practitioners from all over Europe.

Trainings last 1 week between February and May and they are funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme VETPRO. Participants receive a grant for accommodation, travelling and daily expenses.

Working languages of the exchanges are English, French, Spanish or German. Some countries organize preparatory language courses for the participants, and participants can also get a Europass mobility pass to verify what they have learned during the exchange. Academia group in Slovenia

Goals and themes of the training

Usually the Academia week consists of visits to organisations providing guidance and counselling services, group discussions, lectures and job shadowing of guidance practitioners. The exchanges can also focus on a certain themes. The themes can be for example

  • prevention of drop-outs
  • pathways to higher education
  • transition from training into employment
  • guidance in higher education
  • validation of informal learning
  • e-counselling, etc.

The goals of the Academia exchanges are:

  • Promoting of best practice exchange between guidance practitioners.
  • Enabling  networking between European guidance practitioners.

How to apply?

Interested applicants apply the grant from an organization coordinating Academia-exchanges in their own country. Application period is annually in October.

For more information about  Academia-exchanges and how to apply,  please visit www.academia-europe.eu

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