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Sources for mindfulness for ABVC counsellors

One thing that I am discovering is how rich and refined the process of mindfulness is. It is both simple and also loses its simplicity when I overdo it. That being in an attentive state that is non-thinking-centric requires a lot of trial and error practice with my attention; it requires honesty and commitment; it is like a pure form of Carl Roger’s ‘being with’; and it is easy to confuse a gap in thoughts with truly being with; its easy to deceive myself; and that it is an ongoing process of rediscovering unassociated presence; and I need pointers back to that place over and over again!
Recently I heard about a gathering of teachers who are coming together for a week long event near Toronto. I can’t make it; wrong time and country. However I have found the website very handy as I’ve followed links and learned a lot from the videos , audios and written material. Have the same focus but hearing it from different angles has been really helpful. The website is www. Zoxxon.com and the facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/events/182765325139899/

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